Class Structure

Snipers are super friendly and helpful, our classes have a great atmosphere.

With classes at London Bridge and Vauxhall come down and learn real Muay Thai in a fun and safe friendly environment.

What to expect

We don't do star jumps and this isn't boxercise, we commit to technical striking drills and sweat dripping pad work to push you out of your comfort zone whilst learning the deadly art of Muay Thai.

Each class starts by warming up with some shadow boxing allowing participants to understand the fundamental movements of striking starting with basic attacks progressing more advanced techniques

  • Shadow Boxing & Warmups
  • Attacking & Defensive Techniques
  • Basic to Advanced Clinch work
  • Pad Drills & Striking Combinations
  • Guard & Positioning
  • Footwork & Balance
  • Correct & Safe pad holding
  • Controlled & Free Sparring


There is no better way to test your Muay Thai. You will be able to develop timing, range, reaction skills as well as push your fitness to the next level. Sparring is completely optional and is conducted in a safe environment and arranged based on skill level and confidence.

Leave your egos at the door or they will be dealt with.

  • Controlled sparring: Involves using learned attacking and defensive techniques, as either a routine or through a set of restricted techniques.
  • Free Sparring: Full contact with emphasis on technique and control.


  • Shin pads
  • Groin guard
  • Comfortable clothing
  • 16oz Gloves for sparing(Twins or Kings)

Memberships start from £50 per month

Various payments options available including discounts for students

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